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Our Story

Why it started. What we do. 

Adia Dawn is a school psychologist who has provided services for public, private, and charter schools over the last decade. During these years within the various forms of our Nation’s Education System, she found current resources available for those with neurodivergent abilities too limited in both scope and design. In 2019 she recognized that resources would stay limited unless more options became possible. Thus, Creative Education Solutions, or C.E.S. was born. Our mission seeks to create partnerships between children, parents, and educators so the community is truly empowered to meet the challenges in life with an infinite supply of resilience and confidence. 

Neurodivergent people are those who have atypical neurological development or function, such as those with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, or giftedness. These individuals may require specialized support and accommodations in school or work and at home to enable them to reach their full potential. It is important to recognize and celebrate neurodiversity as a natural and valuable variation within our society, rather than viewing it as a problem that needs to be altered. With appropriate interventions and understanding, neurodivergent children can thrive and make unique contributions to their communities.

If you want to gain tangible tools, resources, and coaching that will help you or your neurodivergent loved one break through negative thought patterns, gain a greater sense of organization and time management, or learn how to take small steady steps toward more positive interactions, we've got you. Support is provided through the facilitation of workshops, advocacy work, and coaching for children, teens, and young adults. Creative Education Solutions will strengthen collaborations and provide more choices with effective outcomes for all. Become an active member of our community today and help lead into a brighter tomorrow!

Meet the Founder

Adia Dawn, M.A., L.S.S.P., N.C.S.P.


Hi, I'm Adia. Thanks for stopping by!

My work over the past decade has impacted over 5,000 students, families, and educators. I've collaborated closely with special education and gifted education teams to provide individualized educational support to neurodiverse students, their teachers, and their parents. As a Trained Mediator with Advanced IEP Meeting Facilitation Certification, I've spent thousands of hours facilitating child-centered collaborative problem-solving meetings with parents, educators, and administrators. I am passionate about providing tangible tools and strategies that help neurodivergent individuals feel more capable and confident navigating their educational experiences and challenges. I believe all children deserve to understand and embrace what makes them unique and strong. 



The University of Texas at Austin, 2016

Master of Arts in Educational Psychology, School Psychology Specialist Program

The University of Texas at Austin, 2010 

Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development

Certifications & Licenses

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychology, LSSP #71007
Nationally Certified School Psychologist, National Association of School Psychologists, NCSP # 49962
Special Services Provider, Colorado Department of Education, #300465
Qualified Mediator, Texas Dispute Resolution Center
Advanced IEP Meeting Facilitator, Region 13 Education Service Center

Certified Mental Health First Aider - National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Certified - Crisis Prevention Institute

Psychology Today Verified
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