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Creative Education Solutions serves neurodivergent children and young adults with unique learning, behavioral, and social-emotional needs. 

Helping individuals, families, and educators to stress less and grow more.   

Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors - Oh My!

When a child feels misunderstood and judged it can lead them to develop feelings of unworthiness, negative self-talk habits, and maladaptive challenging behaviors. These patterns of feeling, thinking, and acting are often subconscious and can lead to automatic responses that become more challenging to change over time. When children are understood and accepted, empowered for their strengths, and given tools to navigate their challenges, they can thrive. At Creative Education Solutions, we believe that all children deserve to be heard, understood, and empowered for what they bring to the world. Together we can help them build a foundation of confidence, strength, and resiliency that will be with them for life.    

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