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Behavior Consultation

The behavior consultation process involves a collaborative approach between caregivers, educators, and behavior specialists to identify and address challenging behaviors. Progress toward goals is measured through data analysis and ongoing monitoring. Strengths and needs are identified to build on existing strengths and develop needed skills. A research-based intervention plan is developed, focusing on positive behavior approaches and fostering prosocial behavior. It is important to support the child's needs and help them feel heard and understood throughout the process. Teamwork and collaboration are crucial to the success of the intervention.

Benefits of Positive Behavior Support

Collaborative Support

This collaborative process keeps everyone involved in the child’s intervention plan and allows for new behaviors and skills to be supported in all settings. 

Involves collaboration with those who support the child across settings at home and at school. 


This is a strengths-based approach that prioritizes the needs, interests, and abilities of the child. Creating an environment that supports the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn will lead to increased engagement in prosocial behaviors. 

Positive Changes

Through intentional environmental changes 

and positive reinforcement of adaptive behaviors, 

children can make progress toward developing skills that allow them to have more positive interactions with peers and adults.

Process & Pathway to Growth

This approach is individualized and strengths-based, focusing on identifying and enhancing each child's unique strengths and abilities to support growth.

First, through observation and assessment of the child's strengths and needs, we develop a proactive plan that will help them build skills and strategies for success.

We work through a collaborative process that enables the child to achieve their goals at their own pace. It's a holistic approach that supports children in every aspect of their lives by creating a positive, safe, and enriching environment.


Curious if a Positive Behavior Consultant is right for your school?

Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.


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