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Parent Empowerment & Support

Parent support is provided through the facilitation of Empowered Parent Circles. EP Circles are designed to support and empower parents of neurodivergent children with special educational needs. Providing a safe space for parents to connect, share, gain resources, and receive coaching around current needs. Parents learn to connect more deeply with themselves and their unique children while gaining tangible tools and increasing their confidence as a parent of a child who might walk to the beat of their own drum. 

Benefits of Empowered Parent Circles


It can feel isolating to parent a child whom you don't fully understand.  Maybe you feel embarrassed sharing your parenting woes with your friends because what you experience is unique. Connect with a group of parents who know what you're going through and will help you feel more secure in your abilities. 


When you join an EP circle you gain access to the facilitator's knowledge of neurodivergent children along with expert advice. You may find that a little new information can lead to a shift in thinking about yourself and your child's abilities and needs as you move forward.  


Through self-reflection, you will identify your strengths in parenting.

This process will allow you to focus on ways to leverage your strengths and grow in areas you feel less confident. You'll be supported as you identify skills or response patterns that will help you become a better parent.    

Upcoming Workshop & EP Circles

Some parents prefer an evening or weekend workshop to support their growth and increase their understanding of their unique child's needs. If this is you, then check out our parenting workshop opportunities below. If you're unsure what kind of parenting support would provide you with the most benefit then feel free to reach out for a complementary consultation to gain some guidance around your parenting needs. 

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