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School-Based Psychological Services

We provide comprehensive psycho-educational and social-emotional evaluations for students with special needs to help support their educational progress. These evaluations are tailored to the unique needs of neurodivergent students, providing insights into their cognitive abilities, learning styles, and emotional well-being. Our evaluations offer valuable information for parents, educators, and therapists, enabling them to make informed decisions and implement effective interventions. Our goal is to help students achieve their academic and personal goals by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, providing recommendations for support and accommodations, and promoting positive self-esteem and social-emotional development.

Areas of Evaluation 

Cognitive & Academics

Cognitive processing abilities are crucial components of academic achievement assessment, as they determine how well students can learn, process, and retain information. In order to assess cognitive processing abilities, various standardized tests are used, including ones that measure memory, processing speed, and reasoning. Academic achievement is measured through the standardized evaluation of a student's performance on tests of mathematics, reading, and writing. It measures the knowledge and skills that students have acquired.

These tests are important for identifying students who may need additional support or intervention, and can help educators tailor instruction to meet individual student needs.

Social-Emotional Skills

Assessment of social emotional skills involves evaluating an individual's ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions, as well as their ability to successfully navigate social interactions and relationships. Common methods of assessment include self-report questionnaires, parent and teacher feedback, observations, and skills-based assessments. These assessments are useful in identifying areas of strength and weakness, developing targeted interventions and supports, and tracking progress over time. Social emotional skill assessment is essential for promoting positive development and well-being in individuals of all ages.

Executive Functioning

Executive function

assessment evaluates one's ability to plan, organize, initiate and complete tasks. Executive functioning rating scales are tools used to assess these types of skills. These scales focus on various components of executive functioning such as attention, working memory, inhibition, cognitive flexibility, and emotional regulation. They include standardized questionnaires, and behavior ratings from teachers, parents, and individuals themselves. Results of school-based assessments are used to provide educational eligibility for various conditions that affect executive functioning and cognitive functioning, such as ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and others.

 Scheduling & Pricing

Assessment services are provided directly through the school for students who are in need of an initial full and individual evaluation, triennial evaluation, or re-evaluation.


Evaluations are conducted during the school day on-site or remotely (if appropriate). 

Evaluations typically require two assessment sessions of 1-2 hours each in length.

Each evaluation includes a written report with recommendations along with a feedback session to ensure testing and outcomes are understood by the IEP team.


Evaluations are priced based on the type of assessment and the presenting concern(s). Typically, evaluations range from $500 to $1500. Evaluation bundles can also be negotiated based on a need for multiple assessments with one school or district.  

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